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Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders
Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders

4th June 2015

North Sheep 2015 a great success!

NSA North Sheep Event a great success! The stand was busy all day long with many enquiries about using the Border on all kinds of sheep (ranging from Herdwicks, Swaledales, Zwarbles, Kerry Hills, Texels and Lleyns). There were also great supporters of the traditional Border Crosses, the Halfbred and the Greyface which we had on display, with breeders saying how they wouldn't have anything else. The carcass quality and frame that the Border Leicester gave them was something they didn't believe they would get from using any other cross such as the Blueface. In particular, we had feedback from a breeder that was supplying Halfbred x Texel lambs regularly to a butcher because the butcher was so impressed with the carcass quality compared to the mule. The mothering ability of the Halfbred and Greyface and the hardiness of any Border cross was also something that breeders liked about them. So, overall, a very encouraging day for the Border Leicester! Thank you to all of those who gave us your feedback. And a big thank you to the lambs on display - they were outstanding, and very much admired by all!!


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