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Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders
Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders

9th August 2017

Change to date of Lockerbie Half bred sale

Note that Half bred sale of ewe lambs at Lockerbie has been changed to 2pm on 30th August, not 29th August as previously advertised. The intention is that buyers will be able to come to Lockerbie for ewe lambs in the afternoon and then be able to make their way to St Boswells where the halfbred ewe lambs are sold the following morning on the 31st.

Alternatively, buyers will be able to go to St Boswells in the morning of the 30th for Halfbred Gimmers then travel to Lockerbie that afternoon for ewe lambs.

St Boswells Halfbred gimmer sale is on 30th and the ewe lamb sale 31st August. On 14th September there is a second sale of Halfbred draft ewes at St Boswells.

For further details please contact Harrison & Hetherington on 01228 406 200 


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