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Society of Border Leicester Sheep Breeders

7th November 2017

Flock Competition Resuts

Best Stud Ram went to DR & EA Jones for Llan Lucky Strike
Overall Flock Winner N Howie (Lytham) receiving his prize from Judges Mrs Katie Summerfield and David Walker

During the summer judges David Walker (Alticane) and Nick and Katie Summerfield (Summerfields) gave up their time to travel the country to judge the National Flock Competition. The results were announced at the Society AGM back in September. 

Overall Winner- Mr N Howie (Lyham)

Overall Stud Ram Winner- Messrs D R & E A Jones (Atok) with Llan Lucky Strike

England and Wales Flock

1st N Howie (Lyham)

2nd D R & E A Jones (Atok)

3rd SM & JD Eggleston (Seagrave)

England and Wales Stud Ram

1st DR & EA Jones (LLan Lucky Strike)

2nd Messrs Kirkham and Bourne (Meidrim Taff)

3rd Mrs S D Martyn (Millend Magic)

England and Wales Ewes and Gimmers

1st N Howie (Lyham)

England and Wales Youngstock

1st N Howie (Lyham)

Scotland and Ireland Flock

1st Messrs Steel (Ditton)

2nd Mrs M Laidlaw (Drennans)

3rd Mr J Jeffrey (Deuchrie)

Scotland and Ireland Stud Ram 

1st D Whyte (Clola Double Deal)

2nd Messrs Grant & Wright (Knockglass Kryptonite)

3rd J Lamb (Meidrim Mighty)

Scotland and Ireland Ewes and Gimmers

1st Messrs Steel (Ditton)

Scotland and Ireland Young Stock 

1st Mrs M Laidlaw (Drennans)


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